Nine Paint Colors for Holistic Design

Nine Paint Colors for Holistic Design

Looking for ways to create a more holistic home? Consider the emotion behind your paint colors.

It’s no secret that color affects our mood and wellbeing. Bigtime marketing and advertising agencies consider color when they launch new brands. For example, orange and red are used in restaurants because they stimulate the appetite and create a sense of urgency. White and blue are often used in healthcare because they provoke a sense of cleanliness and trust. Purple represents luxury and royalty, and so on. 

The same can be said when using color in the home. A bright yellow in the bedroom will have an entirely different effect on your mood than a soothing green. 
When we’re thinking about holistic interior design, we’re often going to consider using colors that compliment nature, as well as the space itself. Below are the nine color categories associated with Feng Shui, and my favorite related paint colors for an intentionally designed space. Bonus tip – Check out this post about the Feng Shui bagua for placement of colors based on your desired manifestations.


The best place to use dark paint colors depends on the space in question. These moody colors will create a sense of calm, and likely will not give you a revitalizing energy… In Feng Shui, these darker colors are associated with the Career/Life Purpose Gua and the element of water. They would be best suited for the career area of the home, or related areas like your home office. My favorite Dark is Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron or, for a more traditional look, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.


As we move away from deeper blues associated with the colors above to softer and more subtle blues, we’ll provoke feelings of calm and soothing energy. Or, bright and exciting energy if using a royal blue or teal. 

Depending on the space, you can use a soft blue to create a tranquil environment in the bedroom, or an energizing blue in a space like an office or library to instill action. In Feng Shui, blues represent the knowledge gua – this can be educational, self-development and even spiritual knowledge. Consider your intention when deciding where to use blue.

My favorite energizing blue is Benjamin Moore Kensington Blue and soothing blue/green is Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne.


When we’re thinking about Feng Shui, greens represent new beginnings and family. A revitalizing green can promote a sense of action and starting new projects. It has that upwards energy of a plant growing in spring. Alternatively, soft and soothing greens can also promote a sense of peace and calming energy, and are great for relaxing spaces like bedrooms. Green is also associated with health and wellbeing, and so it can be a nice addition to the kitchen (when done right!).

My favorite soft green is Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive and, for a more bold choice, Benjamin Moore Dark Olive.


Next up on the Feng Shui Bagua is purple – associated with the wealth and abundance gua. It’s fitting because psychologically this color is also associated with royalty, luxury, and spirituality. That being said, purple paint can be tricky! Keep in mind that you don’t have to take these paint colors so literally – there are a million neutral options out there with a purple undertone like Benjamin Moore Portland Gray or Benjamin Moore Vintage Wine if you want the moody purple hue.


When we’re looking at the Feng Shui Bagua, red is associated with the element of fire and the gua of your reputation. This can be a reputation at work or among your community. It’s also associated with action and career development. Red is considered an auspicious color and is best for stimulating action and presence. When decorating, however, red can get bossy! If you’re looking to incorporate red paint into your design be sure to think about the longevity of the space and how it fits with the overall cohesiveness of your home. 

Recently, though, red is popping up in home libraries and I have to say I’m here for it… If you’re wanting to go big, consider a red like Benjamin Moore Caliente or a more moody, deep red like Benjamin Moore Dinner Party.

Pinks 1410

We all know that the color pink is associated with romance and self-love. When thinking about pink paint colors for your home, my number one tip to avoid a Barbie Dreamhouse is to go down the color swatch on your fan deck at least two hues. Especially if you are considering using it in a bedroom. Pink is actually a very activating color and does not stimulate rest, despite its association with romance! My favorite pinks I recently used in a kid’s room are Benjamin Moore Misty Blush and Benjamin Moore Wild Rice.


Fortunately, white will always be timeless. Unfortunately, white is THE hardest color to get right with paint. There are so many whites out there to consider and the undertones vary from blue to violet to cream and yellow. With that in mind, I always recommend you look for the undertones in your flooring and related hard finishes before choosing your wall white because the flooring, tile, etc. will bring out the underlying tones in your white paint. 

My favorite true white – meaning a bright white with no undertones – is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, or for a soft off-white choose Benjamin Moore White Dove.


Gray had a moment there, didn’t it? Similar to the Tuscan Beige era, though, gray is out. From an intentionality standpoint as well, gray is associated with low moods and depression. It has a time and place, however it does not give earthy energetic vibes naturally. There is a gua associated with gray in the Feng Shui bagua and that is the travel and helpful people sector. This gua is also associated with the element of metal. If you want to activate this area, I recommend you choose grays in the furniture or finishes, and avoid sad, gray paint. 

Now, with that being said, there are actually a ton of beautiful taupe paints on the market that can give you the gray undertones but still read earthy and neutral. My favorites are Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (a green-gray) and Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe.


Last up we have yellow, which is also related to orange and browns in the Feng Shui bagua. This gua is the Tai Chi, or center. It’s associated with the earth element, soil, earthenware, etc. So, it doesn’t have to be yellow like a bumblebee, it can be beige, browns, creams, and even rusts. Ultimately, I recommend that you keep this general tone of colors subdued – unless you’re thinking of a chocolate brown. Orange and yellows are very activating colors and aren’t the most holistic-feeling choices for wall paint. 

If you’re looking for a rich chocolate brown consider Benjamin Moore Silhouette or for subtle yellow Benjamin Moore Seashell.

Hopefully this has been helpful and not left you feeling overwhelmed! If it’s the latter, though, fear not as we offer paint color consultations and would be happy to take the decision overwhelm off of your plate by identifying those tricky undertones. Book a Paint Color Consultation with us!

For more about the Feng Shui bagua or to book a Feng Shui Consultation visit the following pages:

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