Holistic Havens is a boutique interior design firm serving clients who desire results beyond the material -  they seek an alchemical connection to their space.

intuitive interior design + feng shui

We pride ourselves on guiding and teaching clients how to manage and maintain their spaces.

Our Founder, Lexie J Rayburn, is skilled in intuitive interior design, Feng Shui, and space clearing.

Our team is skilled in home remodeling, furnishing, paint color selection, e-design, and more.

How we serve our clients...

Where design
transcends aesthetics

Welcome to Holistic Havens, where the art of design becomes a transformative journey toward holistic wellbeing. As your guide in crafting spaces that uplift physically, mentally, and spiritually, we are more than a design studio. Drawing from our profound belief in the energetic connection to our environments, we root our designs in teachings from Feng Shui, biophilia, and the elements, in turn creating intuitive and holistic interiors that become your sanctuary called home.

Holistic Havens was founded in 2021 when Lexie decided that her love for interior design, wellness, and Feng Shui outweighed her desire to do anything else. Lexie is a big believer that the energy you put out into the universe will come back to you tenfold, and she could think of no better way to serve people than to help them fall in love with their homes. And with that, Holistic Havens was born. 

Meet Lexie—founder, designer—intuitive— feng shui practitioner.

About our founder

We believe that a beautiful, functional, and aligned home is your birthright. Everyone deserves to have a space that uplifts and supports their lives, to which each should be unique. At Holistic Havens, we work with clients to uncover more than their favorite colors and patterns. We learn what makes them thrive, what brings them peace, and what makes their lives easier. Our signature design style is not defined by labels - but by a feeling of ease, of being heard, and of finding a true connection to home.

signature work

Our team reaches beyond the traditional rules of design to become your dedicated partner in crafting spaces that embody the essence of holistic wellbeing. Our approach leans heavily into the energetics of a space, the elements, biophilic design, sustainable sourcing, Feng Shui, and more.

As Intuitive Interior Designers, we trust what is needed from a space by listening in. By feeling it. We source natural materials from artisans, conscious companies and trades, as well as environmentally aware brands. In turn creating transformations that our clients can feel good about.

Designing Beyond Boundaries


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The Latest on the Blog

Immerse yourself in our online interior design course, dedicated to enhancing home wellbeing through Feng Shui, organization, and holistic design principles. Explore the ancient art of Feng Shui for positive energy flow, master organization techniques to declutter, and learn how color and furniture placement can create a serene atmosphere. Embrace a holistic approach to design, crafting spaces that not only look beautiful but also promote a balanced and uplifting lifestyle.




Our project was HUGE: remodeling, furnishing and decorating almost the entire main floor of our home... Lexie took great care with her designs to meet our sometimes unconventional needs and preferences in a beautiful and functional way.

Lexie really gets to know how your brain works and takes that, mixed with feng shui and her ability to make everything beautiful and creates the perfect space for YOU. 

Lexie is literally amazing. I will never decorate my house without her again. She’s personable and truly knows how to style for YOU.

Lexie transformed our room into an oasis. Not only does the space look sleek and updated, the actual feel is better. We hired her to do both styling and feng shui, and it was totally worth it. You can actually feel the difference in energy.

If you are looking for someone to help...look no further than Holistic Havens. Lexie has a very calming presence and she truly cares about her clients. The mess in my home was getting to the point where it was a constant source of stress; that load has finally been lifted and I feel so much peace.  

This was my first experience with an interior decorator and did I ever luck out! Lexie was patient with me through the process. She transformed my kitchen/dining/living room into something so beautiful and peaceful.

Lexie is amazing! She is professional, creative and an incredible interior designer! We have had the privilege of working with Lexie on several projects now. With each project she took the time to understand what we wanted and introduced us to new ideas which resulted in a design better than we could have ever imagined.

Working with Holistic Havens was the best decision I've ever made...Lexie is very down to earth, personable, professional, and caring. She was so easy to work with and felt like she really listened and heard my wants and needs.


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