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intentional design for optimal wellbeing

Holistic Havens


The Holistic Havens mission is to help clients achieve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by creating functional, holistic spaces that have a clean + positive vibration.

the mission


 If a space can make people feel uncomfortable and anxious, or even cause stress, then it can absolutely do the opposite. Holistic Havens' designs promote harmonious, healthy living by creating grounded + calming environments.

the mantra

When hired to complete a transformation for a client, it's never simply about knick knacks, trends or fancy storage bins, it's about transforming the energy of their space into something that lights up their soul.

the results



Hello, I'm Lexie - Holistic Havens Founder + Mindful Designer. I'm also a wife, mother of two, homemaker, yogi, and coffee snob.

My background in interiors and organization is a bit more unconventional. It was not a profession that I chose early on, despite my lifelong obsession with tidiness or my ever-changing desire to rearrange the furniture in all the places I've lived. No, I have one of those linear stories - graduate college, get a Master's Degree, and enter the corporate workforce.

Now, there's nothing wrong with this timeline. In fact, I've learned so much along the way and nurtured a beautiful family in the process. Often times, though, when we ignore something deep inside - for example, living and expressing our passion - our bodies react. For me, this manifested into a health crisis that directly impacted my wellbeing and my state of mind. But, that story is for another day. This is about the beautiful business that was birthed as a result of some deep inner work that I did, and still do - daily.

See, I asked myself for years, "What is my life's purpose?" This question nags at some more than others, and boy did it nag at me. I have always felt this strong urge to help others, nurture, teach, and express myself creatively, but I never knew how to do this in a way that felt right for me. When I realized, though (after years of mindfulness work), that my "self-worth" was not defined by the business I created, the money I made, or the materials I owned, the Universe presented me with an idea for expressing my true purpose - to help people

Lexie J. Rayburn

the story

Holistic Havens is that expression. It's a way for me to help people - to create spaces that uplift them physically, mentally, and spiritually. Think of me as a yoga instructor for the home, or Reiki healer, therapist, mindfulness coach, etc. It's simple really... because if our homes can cause us stress then they can definitely do the opposite. In fact, a lot of us experienced these feelings during the recent pandemic, as we spent more time at home than ever before.

For me, holistic wellness is - and always has been - one of my primary drivers through life. I've seen incredible results from visiting holistic doctors, having a consistent yoga practice, and practicing mindfulness. I wholeheartedly believe that our mindset and actions can change our realities, and that the environment we live in can directly impact or mindset and actions. Growing up, my mother was a perfect example of this for me - as she beat cancer again and again for over a decade by using the power of her thoughts, trying different holistic remedies, and even implementing Feng Shui adjustments in our home.

This purpose carries so much meaning for me and, as a result, I know that together we - you and I - can create incredible results. Through my business, I now share solutions to problems and emotions - both mundane and transcendental - that left me feeling unsteady throughout my adolescence, and even my adult life. As someone who has moved over 20 times in my life, and traveled from one parent's home to another every Sunday until I was 18 years old, I understand how important it is to have a home that feels supportive and stable. As a homemaker and mother of two, I can comprehend the difficulty (and joys!) - very deeply - of not only maintaining a home, but making it a home for everyone in the family. As someone who has been responsible for everything that follows losing a loved one, I know how to empathetically navigate the journey and its many facets.  And, lastly, as someone who has faced life-changing health concerns, I've learned how to edit my lifestyle and my home into one that is healthier, happier, and more harmonious. 

So what does this mean for you? It means it is all possible, and that I'm here to help. Whether your challenges come from a place of clutter and disorganization in your home, or from a more intuitive feeling that something is missing or off - I'm here. And, I thank you for being here too. 

The purpose


I am a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. I am a certified True Color Expertâ„¢, and am working toward my official certification in BTB Feng Shui through an International Feng Shui Guild recognized (IFSG) program - The Mindful Design Feng Shui School. 

I also have a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Sustainability from Arizona State University. As well as a Master's Degree in Arts & Culture from the University of Denver. 

Lastly, I have been a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance since 2014. 

For any holistic design project, you'll be receiving more than furnishings and decor. I'll take a look at the health of your home and how it is impacting your overall mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic Styling


Organizational woes? I'm here to help you transform a cluttered, stressful room into beautifully organized and functional space that has your wellness and happiness top of mind.


I understand that the current climate makes it hard to invite new visitors into your home. If an in-person visit is not a reality for you, I am happy to virtually meet and guide your project.

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