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The environment we live in can directly impact our mindset and actions, and our mindset and actions can change our reality. Care for yourself and your environment - then, anything is possible.

Meet the visionary behind Holistic Havens, Lexie. As the company founder, mindful designer, and Feng Shui practitioner, Lexie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the realm of holistic interior design. 

Growing up, Lexie was always keeping her spaces organized and tidy, dreaming up new ideas for what color to paint her bedroom, and shifting decor pieces just the tiniest bit throughout the house. Her mother first exposed her to Feng Shui when she was in her teens, and she has carried that knowledge and curiosity with her into her adult life. 

Lexie has a Masters Degree in Arts + Culture, and she double majored in both Environmental Sustainability and Journalism as an undergraduate. She's a trained BTB Feng Shui Consultant, Certified True Color Paint Expert, and yoga instructor.

Lexie J. Rayburn

Meet our Founder + PRinciple Designer

People don't refresh their homes because the space is outdated or in poor taste. They do so because as a person they've changed - they've evolved.

At Holistic Havens you'll hear the term "alchemy" used intentionally throughout the process. Why? Because at the heart of what we do and what we believe in is transformation - the shifting, molding, and renewal of your space to better align with the evolution of You.

We're here to help you in your transformation, whether that be of the internal self through coaching and Feng Shui, or through the physical alchemy of space.  

The Alchemy of Space + Self.

The holistic havens why

- Lexie J Rayburn

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the Team

Hi! I'm Tyleigh, Mom to a spicy little girl and 2 elderly pups. I'm a sucker for a good book and a (full) glass of wine. I love to spend my time with my family, usually listening and/or dancing to music, binging movies, and stopping at America's greatest Mexican restaurant, Taco Bell. 

Since having my little one last year, prioritizing positive energies in our lives has become a huge priority. I want to be a safe haven in my home and supportive of those looking to create that space in their own lives. While I have never dreamed of having my own business, I have always loved supporting others to grow their businesses - Holistic Havens felt like the perfect space for me to do this and matched the energy that I wanted to bring home at the end of a work day. Luckily, Lexie felt similarly enough and here we are! 

I am a firm believer that the universe gives you what you need, when you need it and I am so excited to be here to support the Holistic Havens team! 

Hi! I'm Taylor, I hold a deep-rooted passion for design, my heart and soul infused with creativity. Inspired by nature and connected to the outdoors, I immerse myself in adventure through hiking, camping, rafting ... exploring the beauty of the land around us. I pull inspiration from our natural surroundings, the elements of nature and cultures deeply rooted around the world, seeking out craftsmanship and artisanal creations, blending timeless design with authenticity.
I believe our homes should be reflections of the journeys we take in life, a mirror to our true inner being. I'm drawn to purposeful items that hold meaning, tell a story and spark passion, drawing on soulful design to paint an authentic picture of one’s unique individuality.

A visionary leader with a creative eye and an innate drive for creating an aesthetic experience, I hold more than 10 years of professional experience, spanning across merchandising, global sourcing and procurement, product ideation and strategic planning. Driven to create and sculpt a vison, curating thoughtful product assortments that inspire and provoke creativity fuels the fire inside me.

Hi, I'm Macenzie, a lover of all things creative. You can often find me fostering the artistic side of people, places and everything in between. It's truly where my passion lies. I've spent several years turning my creative lifestyle into a career that not only benefits me, but also anyone on the path of needing creative direction. I love the experience of crafting and elevating brands to their fullest potential. My specialties span across interior design, retail procurement and merchandising, and social media marketing.

Beyond my professional endeavors, my greatest joy is being a mom and wife. I spend most of my days caring for our sweet two year old son. We take any opportunity to travel and make memories as a family. It's been so magical to rediscover the world through his little eyes!

I'm so excited to be here and I'm looking forward to creating, cultivating and nurturing Holistic Havens to its fullest potential!

The holistic Havens philosophy

The spaces we inhabit are a reflection of who we are... 
so be uniquely you.

A connection to the home is a core need that everyone deserves to have fulfilled.

When we discover who we are at our core, the potential for beauty is limitless.

The energy of the elements surrounds us, and can be harnessed for ultimate wellbeing.

Guided intention is at the root of all manifestations, making dreams closer than we think.

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Unlock the secret to transforming your home from a source of stress into a haven of happiness and wellbeing.

This Holistic Home checklist shares all of our favorite tips and tricks for making your home feel more tranquil, functional, rejuvenating, inspiring, beautiful, and so much more.


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the journey

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