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Welcome to Holistic Havens, my name is Lexie and I'm passionate about creating beautiful, stress-free spaces that evoke feelings of peace, happiness and contentment.

 Through my unique holistic design approach, I help my clients declutter, revive and style their homes in a way that brings them mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

When we work together, it's not only on the organization or layout of your project, but the functionality and intention of it too. We'll tap into the reasons you're feeling imbalances in your space, and find solutions that will allow you to live a happier, healthier life in your home. 

Holistic Havens

by Lexie J Rayburn

For any holistic design project, you'll be receiving more than furnishings and decor. I'll take a look at the health of your space and how it is impacting your overall mind, body and spirit. Using these holistic design techniques, together we will harness the energies of your space, and adjust them in a way that brings harmony into your home and life.

Holistic Design


Whether you're in need of tidying up a room or two, or a complete organizational overhaul of a space, I'm here to assist you with the organizing and optimizing of your home. And, we'll do it in a way that helps you function - and feel - at your best. Here are some of the areas where I can help you get organized. 

Professional Organization

If an in-person consultation is not possible because you're out-of-state, or because you're uncomfortable inviting a new person into your home during these uncertain times, please know that virtual consultations are available and just as effective!

Virtual Consultations

Using both mundane and transcendental cures, we will assess your space using BTB Feng Shui, and determine areas for enhancement.

A happy home is more than its decor, so we will also discuss ways to make your home + habits healthy for you and for the environment. 

Within the parameters you set, we'll edit back the amount of clutter in your home to allow the energy to flow freely through your spaces.

- Life transitions
- Downsizing
- Sorting / Purging 
- Space Planning / Design
- Food Allergy Organization

- Kitchens + Pantries
- Bedrooms + Closets
- Bathrooms
- Baby + Children's Rooms
- Offices
- Hobby Rooms
- Playrooms 
- Laundry Rooms
- Mud Rooms

Paint is one of the easiest ways to refresh a space, but with the thousands of available options out there it can feel like an overwhelming task. As a Certified True Color Expert™, I'll help you determine the right colors for the spaces and surfaces in your home.

color Consultations

get started

If you're doing an in-person project with me, this is when I will come to your home or office for measurements and to discuss the framework for your project in more detail. We'll take a look at your space, go over your goals, and identify functional solutions that will promote optimal wellbeing.

How it Works

Let the excitement begin... It's time to get a sneak peek at your holistic and organizational design solution! We'll cover everything from our plan for project day to the furnishings and decor. *The number of days and purchased items varies from client to client.

The day has come! Whether we are working as a team, or you want it to be a surprise reveal, this is when we get it done. I'll be at your space with organizational tools and your unique holistic decor in hand, ready to turn your space into the Holistic Haven you've always dreamed about!




During this call we will go over the goals for your project and identify functional and holistic solutions that will bring you peace and harmony in your space. This is a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and see if we are the right fit for each other. To schedule your free chat, visit Calendly/HolisticHavens.


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"We provided Lexie with a little direction and turned her loose! She transformed an empty, undecorated condo into a warm and inviting home, and did so with creative conceptual design ideas, and on budget! This included a living / dining room, 2 bedrooms, and 2 outdoor spaces! Without a doubt, Lexie has a creative eye and puts it to use to accommodate the job at hand."

— jon r

Take a tour of your home... Entering through the front door, follow the flow of energy. Where are you drawn to first? Is there something immediately blocking you from continuing on your journey? Do you feel uneasy or unsure of where to go next? Does the space uplift you, make you want to smile, or make you feel peaceful and content?

Holistic Interior Design is about tapping into this energy flow and finding ways to balance it - whether that be through decluttering, placement of plants and mirrors, or even more transcendental cures. Holistic Design is much less about trends and temporary satisfaction, but about connecting to the authentic nature and style of the inhabitant, and using this information to build their sanctuary. 

"A House is much more than a mere shelter - it should lift us emotionally and spiritually."

why holistic design matters

— John saladino

While I certainly have a favorite selection of holistic decor items and organizational tools, I believe in embracing the style that makes you feel the happiest. During our Onboarding Visit we'll discuss what makes you tick, from colors and textures, to how you function best in your home.

my style

Let's talk about your project and discuss solutions that will help you feel more grounded and happy in your space.

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