How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Feng Shui is a mindfulness practice that can be applied to many aspects of your life, especially your home. When looking at a floor plan for a client, one of the first things I address is the bedroom.

It is in the bedroom that we relax, restore, and recharge our bodies, as well as tap into our subconscious. This is one of the most important spaces to focus on. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to use Feng Shui to maximize alignment in your bedroom.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice stemming from the Taoist belief that we are connected to nature, and exist in harmony with the Universe. In Feng Shui, it translates into how we interact with the energy of our immediate environment, for example our homes.

How does it work?

When applying Feng Shui practices to a space, believing in our intentions and the actions behind them is just as important as where to hang a mirror or place an entry table. Within these intentions and our ability to see the truth behind them, is where success can be found.

For example, if Susan wanted to generate more wealth she may consult a Feng Shui consultant. Together they would decide on the right plan of action, with homework to help Susan manifest her goals. However, Susan has underlying doubt and limiting beliefs. She feels that she will never generate such wealth. She places an object where her consultant advises her to, however she does not do her meditations, or work through her limiting beliefs. Therefore, she does not attract the abundance she desires.

In my own practice, Feng Shui is very much about working through our shadows to align with our highest selves, ultimately attracting what we believe we Truly deserve. And it is in this flow that the Universe sees that energy and answers those high vibrations.

Who is Feng Shui for?

If you are someone looking for an easy fix to a complex idea, perhaps Feng Shui isn’t for you in this season of life. However, if you are a person hoping to call in your desires and work through your past limitations, now is the time for you…

How do you Feng Shui a bedroom?

What does all of this have to do with your bedroom? Well, when looking at a floor plan, one of the first things I review is the bedroom, and here is what I’m looking at:

The Bed

In a bedroom, your bed is the most important piece of the puzzle. And, when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Your bed has the ability to transform your life by transforming the quality of your sleep. That being said, optimal placement, quality and comfort of the bed is key.

Command Position For optimal bed placement, put your bed in command of the room – meaning you are facing the door without being directly in line with the door. Being in command of your space places you in control of what is coming your way.

Avoid placing your bed under a window, beams, or sloped ceilings.

Headboard + Bed frame – It is important to have a solid and secure headboard (avoid metal + bars), because the headboard is representative of stability in our lives. The bed frame must also be stable, with no shorter, longer, damaged, wobbly, or broken legs.

Lastly, of course, we spend a third of our lives in bed asleep, so splurge on those luxurious linens to keep you temperature regulated and comfortable while you rest.

The Clutter

When applying Feng Shui to any area of the home, especially the bedroom, it is best to avoid cluttering up a space.

Do not make your bedroom a multipurpose space. Save work and exercise routines for another area of the home. The bedroom is for relaxation. If this is not an option due to lack of space, make sure to designate certain areas for these individual tasks, and keep the reminders (laptops, weights, clutter, away from – and definitely not under – the bed).

The Decor

Decor can go various ways based on each individual’s preferences and needs, however it is safe to say that a handful of practices can be applied when thinking about designing the room.

Generally, it is best to avoid vibrant and energizing colors in the bedroom. Use busy and active artwork in other spaces of the home, and save the relaxed and serene art for the bedroom.

If you share a room with a partner, or are looking to call in an equal partner, it is best to purchase nightstands of harmonious weight and style.

Bedroom Transformations

Want a little more?

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Have more specific questions? Want to apply these practices – and more – to your bedroom? Feel free to contact me.  

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