Kitchen + Pantry Organization – A Transformation

Kitchen + Pantry Organization – A Transformation

Contrary to what you might think, organizing a small kitchen and pantry can take two people a full day!

The before + after photos below took just that – two people a full day! Scroll down for the transformation complete with thoughtful placement for easy cooking, functional food storage, and – of course – a coffee bar.

When clients reach out to me for kitchen and pantry organization, they often have the same challenges…

  • They want their kitchen to make sense, but are unsure of where things should live.
  • Items get lost or misplaced because they do not have a true place in the kitchen.
  • Food goes bad or is expired due to over-shopping, which is a product of a non-functioning pantry.
  • They have busy lives and want cooking and ordering groceries to be easy and streamlined.
  • There are multiple people living in the home, who may end up putting items back in the “wrong” spot because there wasn’t a true place where the item should live.

None of the above are an exception – I see it on nearly every project, and it’s totally normal! The kitchen below is an example of how I helped a busy couple with a baby organize their kitchen and pantry.



Kitchen and pantry organization is something that can be done year round, but it’s especially helpful to tackle this type of job before the holidays! If you’re looking for help with your own space, please book a free Meet + Greet Call with me!


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