Rosa’s Retreat

Rosa’s Retreat

What a special gift it would be to receive a fully furnished condo from your loved ones. And, what a special gift to give. That is the storyline of Rosa’s Retreat.

When I was approached by Rosa’s son and two daughters to deliver a fully-furnished condo in just six weeks I was, well, excitedly intimidated. In today’s market, getting quality furniture to outfit an entire home is a tough thing to accomplish in such a short amount of time. However, something told me that this was a project I just couldn’t say “no” to, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

The love Rosa’s adult children have for her quickly became evident as they funded, contributed, and flew out from multiple states to see the results manifested. Their energy fueled me to create a welcoming, supportive and holistic space for their mother, who’s art is displayed throughout the project. I felt so connected to this project, and to Rosa – even though I didn’t meet her until after the reveal! There were tears and champagne, of course. I’ll forever hold this one close to my heart.

Rosa's Retreat
The family wanted to create a space as bright and energetic as their mother, while also feeling soft and welcoming.

Lexie made the impossible, possible and with excellent results! We had a project with a very specific deadline and Lexie was able to design and organize the space on-time and beautifully. We were impressed with her attention to detail and decorative vision. We highly recommend her for any project and are planning to work with her again!

– Val C

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