Reading your Personal Chi – Pt. Two – The Nine Star Ki

Reading your Personal Chi

-Pt. Two –

The Nine Star Ki

In Part One we talked about your energetic makeup from a scientific and spiritual perspective. In Part Two, we’ll cover the astrology behind your energetic body – the Nine Star Ki – and how this can be reflected in your design style.

The Nine Star Ki could very well be one of the oldest forms of astrology and dates back to early Chinese civilization. It combines numerology and the principles of the I Ching (Book of Changes) to help you navigate your life with greater clarity, harmony, purpose, and awareness.

According to this ancient wisdom, universal energy is influenced by nine stars, each of which is associated with a number and element. This cosmic knowledge creates unique characteristics influencing a person’s personality, behavior, and destiny. Similarly to your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, your Nine Star Ki is individual to your birthday and is made up of three parts: your Principal Number, Character Number, and Energetic Number.

Principal Number: This number is derived from your birth year and represents your core personality and destiny. Similar to your sun sign.

Character Number: Based on your birth month, it provides insights into your outward behavior and how others perceive you. Similar to your moon sign.

Energetic Number: Calculated from your birthday, it indicates the type of energy you project and how you interact with the world. Similar to your rising sign. 

These numbers make up your unique “blueprint”. They’re also associated with different elements – i.e. fire, water, earth, etc., which interact with the elements around you in either a productive (supportive) or destructive (challenging) cycle, therefore influencing various aspects of life.

Diving even deeper, the Nine Star Ki system follows a 9-year cycle and, each year, individuals are influenced by different energies based on their chart. Therefore, understanding the energy of a particular year can help in making decisions, planning activities, and personal development.

What does this have to do with Feng Shui and interior design? When I work with clients I require that they share their birthday with me because it helps me to understand more about what drives them, and also what depletes them. (And the same goes for their family members!) We’re not just designing off of a fun trend – we’re designing for your personal energetic blueprint. 

For example, if Susan is a Fire, Wind, Water Nine Star Ki, but her spouse Dan is a Mountain, Thunder, Soil Nine Star Ki, the elements that energize/deplete/inspire/etc. them will be different. 

This is where Feng Shui comes into play. (If you need a refresher on the Bagua map visit these two posts!) 

What is the Feng Shui Bagua?

-Understanding the Feng Shui Bagua

Let’s say, hypothetically, that Susan comes to me complaining that she is having trouble feeling grounded in her home and that she keeps starting and not finishing projects. Well, because Susan’s energetic makeup is all signs with a very mutable energy, we can work on designing her space with more “solid” elements to help her feel more grounded. 

See, her fire energy can be a small spark or a big flame, her wind can be a breeze or a gust, her water can be a lake or a rushing river… what she needs is to calm and center these elements through energetic design – Feng Shui.

While it seems abstract, the things your home can expose are quite incredible if you open your eyes to them. 

As discussed in Part One of this blog series, our energy can be impacted by more than the food we consume or the sleep we get. Our energy can be depleted by others and by our space, or it can be filled by our space or our relationships. 

When we work together to design your home we’re also working to create a space that fits your energetic needs. This is not a practice of Instagram trends, it’s a practice of wellness, intention, and mindfulness. 

I would love the opportunity to do a Nine Star Ki + Feng Shui reading with you, and explain even deeper what your astrological blueprint says about you – from your personality, to what you should eat, your health and personal development, and more.


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