Creating a Holistic Lifestyle

Creating a Holistic Lifestyle

We talk all about the holistic home here at Holistic Havens, but what does it mean to live a holistic lifestyle?

I’m going to take you back to 2009 or so, when I created my first WordPress blog, “Living Lightly”. At the time I was a journalism and environmental sustainability double major student at Arizona State University. I want to touch on this because I find synchronicities like this so fascinating. It’s like my soul knew then, over a decade ago, what I really wanted to share.

The blog was full of content like how to live mindfully and have a low carbon footprint. I also shared experiences from my travels, like spending three months backpacking through Europe. 

Fast forward to now, and I’m still sitting here still doing what I love – writing about living mindfully. More specifically, writing about living mindfully with our homes. 

Below are the primary things that I personally practice as a mom, business owner, and spiritual person to create a more holistic lifestyle. 

Self Care

Living holistically is truly a lifestyle. It’s about being well-rounded in your decisions and finding harmony within your environment. That being said, the primary way to be successful at this is to focus on your self care first. For me, this means a yoga practice, regular exercise, sunshine, meditation, and journaling. Personally, I’m also very mindful about what I eat – choosing organic whenever possible and understanding what the ingredients are in my food and my family’s food. 

I am human, however, and there are often times when I “break the rules” or fall out of routine. I say this to remind you that giving yourself grace is the top priority when it comes to self care. No one is perfect. It’s about balance.

Mindfulness at Home

The way I bring this harmony and balance into my home is one thing that I pride myself on. See, in my opinion, a home is also a living and breathing being that deserves care, attention and respect. I believe that our homes represent who we are and how we care for ourselves. A lack of attention and care for your home can often signify a lack of attention and care for yourself or for a particular area of your life. 

That’s why Feng Shui is so powerful. When we suddenly shift our perspective of the home and begin to tenderly make adjustments and set intentions with it, we are energetically signaling to the universe that we want to pay attention to that part of our life. And, through that intention and action is where the greatest manifestations come through. 

Here’s an example – A clean and organized refrigerator or pantry energetically signals to the universe that you are taking care of your health and wellbeing. When these spaces are organized and clean, it’s physically easier to meal plan – resulting in less wasted or spoiled food, and even choosing healthier options when shopping.  

Mindfulness at Work

Similarly to your home, being mindful of your surroundings at work can reflect back your inner landscape. Do you keep your office door closed all the time but wonder why you haven’t made any friends or don’t feel like you have the support of your colleagues? Is your physical space cluttered and disorganized, and you keep missing deadlines or misplacing things? Or on the entirely different spectrum, is your office in pristine condition, but perhaps you’re having trouble submitting your work because you’re stuck in crippling perfectionism?

Again, it’s about balance.

Another example – When you leave your office space cluttered and disorganized, you’re telling the universe and yourself that you do not care about streamlining your work or prioritizing your productivity. Things get lost or missed, and that might mean physical papers or deadlines for projects. Not to forget that physical clutter has been scientifically proven to increase stress levels. However, what if you were to take 15 minutes at the end of your workday to tidy up your desk and prepare it for the next morning? Energetically you’re telling the universe and yourself an entirely new story. You’re showing up for yourself, and in turn the positive energy will be reciprocated. 

When I think about what truly makes a lifestyle holistic, it all comes down to living harmoniously with yourself, your home, your relationships, and your work. This requires a balance between physically and energetically showing up.

If your manifestations aren’t coming through or if you’re struggling to keep up with the mundane areas of your life, take a moment to ask yourself what is out of balance. Is your physical world reflecting back an inner world story that needs retold? Or, are you energetically signaling to the universe all your hopes and dreams, but then not taking physical action to move the needle forward? 

I’ve worked with many individuals and families using Feng Shui, decluttering, and interior design tools to help them find this balance and manifest their desires. I would love to help you create your dream life, and am here to chat. Come follow along with our social media, @holistichavens, or book a discovery call here.

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