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Restful Retreat

July 7, 2021

On the Holistic Havens blog I share what inspires me about simple, intentional design, and how it affects our mind, body, and spirit.

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Restful Retreat

All too often the master bedroom is overlooked during a move, or even in day-to-day life.

This young family decided that in order for them to accomplish everything required in the busy schedule of a working parent – and in a new home – they must focus on the master bedroom first.

Our primary concern for this master retreat was to create a space that felt calming at the end of a long day, and rejuvenating at the beginning of the next. They wanted the bedroom to be the last of their worries – a mindful and energetic space.

Lots of cool colors and pops of greenery for this quiet space.

Lexie transformed our room into an oasis. Not only does the space look sleek and updated, the actual feel is better. We hired her to do both styling and Feng Shui, and it was totally worth it. You can actually feel the difference in energy. 

I cannot recommend her enough. She listens to what’s going on in your life, your design style, and your personality and creates a space that supports all of this. She took all the stress out of styling and gave us a beautiful space where we can relax and enjoy!

– Kelli + Jake R.

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